We're a technology, services, and logistics provider whose mission is to provide unparalleled knowledge, experience, technology, and logistics support for security and military clients.

Our Commitment

We are a small business (US classification) whose commitment is personal:  our team members share the same vision, and benefit from the same success, as the world of security and surveillance evolves from ground-based to ground-to-air and UAV-driven solutions


Our Record

Our team has decades of experience in Cybersecurity and Intelligence; we also have leading-edge technologies in the areas of ground-to-air communications and unmanned airborne vehicles used in security and surveillance.

  • Cost effective solutions for all of your security and surveillance requirements.
  • Proven expertise in significant deployments within various US departmental and security operations.
  • The necessary clearances and expertise to provide the right tools at the right time for the right solution.


Learn more about the services and expertise we provide to clients who range from US DoD to Fortune 2000 companies.
Learn why UAVs and ground-to-air surveillance is changing clients' abilities to provide better security.
Meet our team and learn how their backgrounds complement and avance Cyberavnet's unique offerings.
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